Articles for the Month of July 2016

Luxurious Comforts Home Away From Home

Pets in some families are really special to their owner and treated just like another member in the family. Giving them all possible luxuries in the world is a pleasure to the owner. At times there are no boundaries and limitations to the extend a pet owner can go to. Unlike the golden days where pets were fed with leftover food now special pet food in cans and packages are purchased at a high price to suit the taste of the precious pet. In the same manner clothes, shoes and other accessories also for pets have become a common fact.

The very recent addition to the range of facilities for pets is accommodation, Sydney cat boarding and other types of lodging available on an hourly, daily or even on a long time basis. These facilities range from simple pet kennels to luxury hotels, suits and apartments. The most common facilities are the luxury cat accommodation available for the feline friends. These accommodations have most facilities of a luxury hotel for normal people. Including a choice of exclusive dishes served in style. Apart from this Spa treatments and manicures and pedicures for the fury friends are also available.

Many luxury pet accommodations cost more than an average hotel for people. Prices range from $25 to about $110 per day per pet. The difference in price changes happens as per the available facilities. These facilities range from condos, apartments, suites to even penthouses. They provide absolute luxury beautiful, tranquil and relaxing environments with human sized living rooms with window view including television, DVD wall fittings, scratching posts and other facilities.

Unlike the canine friends the feline friends used to many luxuries and personal care in their respective homes find it difficult to stay alone at home while their owners travel. A normal cat boarding with minimum facilities will create some sort of an anxiety in them. Therefore luxury cat accommodation has become a necessity for these furry friends. Owners do not hesitate to provide these animals with the comforts they have been so used to. Cats being very territorial creatures used to a certain life style and a daily routine find it difficult to adjust and adapt to change, Animals who are well socialized and used to people enjoy sleeping in a safe and secure environment with an uninterrupted schedule.

When it is the time of the year for us to go on vacation visit friends and relatives and take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is important to keep your pet in a safe and caring environment. The use of pet accommodations have become an asset and help giving you the freedom to travel and a peaceful mind to enjoy.