Articles for the Month of March 2018

Tips To Start Your Own Dog Caring Business

The pet servicing industry is one of the most successful and growing industries. One of the major contributors to the industry is boarding centres that are now popping up in major cities and areas. If you have been a dog sitter for a few years and love looking after other people’s four-legged animals, then you can start your dog care taking business by following this guide.

Gaining experience

Before you start any business, you need to gain the correct experience related to the industry you are interested in. You need to research about the ways that animals behave, their health and how they can be looked after. Being an animal sitter, a volunteer at a dog minding centre or helping a vet will be an added bonus cause you will gain a lot of knowledge. There are kennel centres that also provided training and educational programs to help you gain more experience.

Business contemplations

There are few legal and business factors that need to be considered when you are planning on opening you boarding centre. Speaking to a lawyer and an accountant is advisable as they help you understand the pros and cons of building a business as the only proprietor. Ensure that you have understood the rules and regulations of the government and how other local businesses are running and obtain the required permits for your cat boarding in Sydney centre.

Finding the venue

The location of the venue is very important and must be in close proximity to airports and areas that are populated. Once rent or purchase the venue you need to obtain kennels, cages and play pens so that the dogs and cats will be free. The temperature of the facility must be controlled in order to keep the animal comfortable. Webcams can be installed so that the owners can see their furry friends when away.


You will need a few helping hands to get your business going and your family and friends can help you initially. But when you starting hiring employees they must have previous experience and knowledge about four-legged friends. Once you have 24 hours helps, they must be well trained to ensure that they can handle emergency situations.


Advertising your services is something you need to consider critically. Create a facebook page and other social media where there is a community that loves animals and pets. You can always hand out leaflets to different areas and define your services and prices as well.

Believe in yourself and be committed to looking after other individual’s fur balls like you would look after your own.

Things You Need To Consider Before You Adopt A Pet

Having a pet is simply wonderful and taking care of them is amazing too but you need to put in some effort if you want to see good results. The best thing is you will have a really good companion who will be there with you during the good and bad times, if you take care and love them. So, before you adopt a pet, we came up with some things that will greatly help you to make your decision. You don’t want to buy a pet and then later give up? Then, it’s important you go through all these points to make it a lifelong companion.

Do you have time?

This is the first question. Even if you have the money to afford the pet, it’s pointless if you can give time to them and take care, train, feed and make things comfortable for them. Like every human being craves for time and attention from their loved ones, animals too want love and care from their wonders. Also, you need to train them, if you don’t want to lose valuable in your home. Exercise is important plus, when you have kids around, then too you need to ensure that kids and pets are in friendly terms.

Are they healthy?

If you want them to live long with fewer injuries and zero health problems, then you need to make sure that they are fed well and healthy. Everyone can do the first thing but ensuring that your dog is healthy, is sometimes challenging. This is why you need to consult your vet from time to time for checkups and wellness tests. So, if your pet is overweight or have different health conditions, you will be able to treat them well. So, before you adopt a pet, you need to know that pet medicines and healthcare treatments are sometimes costly and you need to make time for these appointments. When you see for petrescue kittens for adoption from Sydney, check whether they are healthy.

Will traveling be a problem?

You need to come home not just because you have a family waiting bit because you have a fluffy dog waiting for you. You need to feed them every day, take them for evening walks and groom them if you want to keep them happy and satisfied. So, traveling will be a small problem unless you plan to take them with you on the trip. But not all hotels and lodgings will accommodate pets. So, the best option is to check for day care centers for pets. If there are any centres like this, then you are lucky.

Have enough space at home?

If your home is small and space is limited, then adopting pets can be a small problem. Also, if you are a tenant, then you need to get permission from your house owner before you adopt any pets. Some don’t like having pets inside their houses because they can cause damage to furniture. Anyway, space is a problem because pets want to move about and play. It’s good if you can have separate places for them to rest and sleep. Pet furniture is the best option.